Skynet: The Rise of the Machines Begins

According to the NewScientist:
"The US Air Force's Global Hawk became the first pilotless aeroplane to be given permission to fly routinely in civilian airspace on Thursday."

While opponants of the program are assured that the drones are unarmed, factoids like this don't seem to appease:

"The first (crash) was during the plane's development, when someone accidentally tested the self-destruct program. As a result the plane flew to a pre-programmed, remote location and nose-dived into ground as its operators looked on helplessly."


And then there is this tidbit:

"Pentagon data on the number of crashes per hours flown show that the Global Hawk has a crash rate 50 times higher than the F-16 fighter.."

I am not all anti military or anything. I just question the wisdom of new technology being tested over public airspace.

Via John Robb

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