White Man Speak with Forked Tongue

(Posting with trepidation.) While this entirely grosses me out it seems on topic, considering the extreme body mod' mentioned in Down'. (see reversable dog-leg knee joints) Also the idea that kids used to grow thier hair long as self expression and now have moved to permanant alterations like tattoos and peircing seems to be fair futuristic topic de jour.
I saw a story long ago about 'californicators implanting bolts in their skulls to attach plastic and metal mohawks but I couldn't find anything in the 'Googlinator. (I did find Metrophage By Richard Karney) I remember living in Seattle and having doctors, nurses, execs, and libriarians commenting on the novelty of the fact I had no peircings or body art. So I am guessing regional and culteral views on this will vary. Don't cut your tongue you might regret it..wait that is teenager for "DO cut your tongue..." Go ahead and do this it is your option, I hope it ages with you." Is that better? I am practicing for my kids who have not yet hit their teens. | Tongue splitting story here


Salam Pax UPDATE (for those of you who missed it.)

The Iraqi Blogger known as Salam Pax (Peace, Peace) who mesmerized the blogoshpere with his insight, humor, humanity, and good taste in American music, had been the subject of many a challenge to his legitmacy. Many questioned who this blogger was, and what his motives were. Some claimed he was with the CIA, others Hamas, and yet others Mossad. It turns out that Salam Pax was legitamately identified as non other than an Iraqi intrepeter for Peter Maass a writer for the New York Times.
| Full Story | Salam's brief confirmation

Neuroeconomics: Another researcher cash cow?

Neuroeconomics: Another researcher cash cow?
Picked up this NYT story from TBP at unbillable'. It is about scientists studying brain response while making economic transactions. While I think study of human behavior is a great way for society to work out problems, I am skeptical about authorative brain studies and their conclusions. For example; the whole left brain/right brain theory has been adopted through some research programs and a number of books as fact. But if you look into it's opponents, there is still too much we do not know about the brain. There are even those who claim it is pseudoscience or psychoheresy. Today's power construct uses science to control people. Labels are a great way to to categorize and thus control them. Unfortunately, people are too diverse, too subject to change, to neatly fit those labels. (Read this interview with MIT's Steven Pinker author of Blank Slate') This is why socially most people recognize psychology, yet personally most of us belive much of it to be bunk. Essentially what I am saying is that witch hunting, and the beliefs like the 'world is flat' and 'flies come from trash', that used to come from yesterday's social leaders and scientists, are still here today, just hidden behind more acceptable yet less obvious terms. Producing studies to explain the obvious makes dumb people think you are smart.

For example look at the NYT article which states:
"Expectations alter economic experience. It feels better to get nothing when you expect $10 compared to getting nothing when you expect $90, researchers say. "
It took how many tax dollars, how much time and resources to figure that one out? Duh. If your like me you see the steady stream of scientific research that confirms what most of us assume is common sense. While granted there is some value in confirming certain theories scientifically, it doesn't take a Harvard degree to figure some of this stuff out.

Vanguardism aside, the "creative side of my brain" takes the story to it's potential Orwellian result: A hive of cloned Allan Greenspans all neural-netted into the NY stock exchange and government financial institutions instinctively making real-time adjustments. Neuroeconimic testing for applicants at stock agencies and venture capitalist companies that weed out those with "bad judgement". Resulting in a homogenized, sterile and inhuman environment already dominated by shark-like inhumanity (sorry Tim). Ultimately creative thinkers will be viewed as "criminal", then jailed and "disposed of" to "protect society". Sounds way out? Well think about it. Society already has a natural aversion to change and authoritarian environments already reward obedience and conformity, so who are we to think that technology and knowledge will not be used to further this behavior? Our only hope is for Neo to help humanity to escape the Matrix!


Can you See What I'm Saying?

So I am scoping this blog about smartmobs, and scanning through articles on suberversive behavior like sharing one supermarket discount card to screw up their system. (No not that!) And I come across this little item that first leads me to think "Uhm...yeah....too much weed.", until I see that the idea about dolphins communicating with each using word pictures, being a legitamate notion parlayed into a technology that claims to have the lofty goal of creating "Adaptive Media" technology to produce high quality, "mass customized" (video) media without any effort by the user." Which means for you bleary eyed web surfers, that they will make it so easy for your average guy to edit and shoot video, that it will become a new form of mass communication. | Visit the Garage Cinema Reasearch Group to learn more.

Caffinated and Clean

Caffinated and Clean
(This one is for Marcy, a contributor here at whuffie.com who I now call "10 shot".)
Soap with caffeine. Yeah, because Americans don't get enough caffeine in their diets. Get some here at ThinkGeek.
Via newly bloggrolled inventor and extreme tech fiend at FlashEnabled.com

Hey wait, I just found this link from the NewScientist about impregnating sarranwrap with anti-bacterial natural substances, and it gave me an idea; utensils and containers with caffeine in them. You could get maximum caffeine in the morning with caffinated cups and spoons. How about a hat that pumps it into your brain directly?

"Do all things in moderation."

Segway revisited

Segway revisited
I think these things are a great innovation and can't wait to see them proliferate. Anything to correct the insane traffic problems our cities are plagued with. These things are hardcore sci-tech, yet they have been written off by many as the overpriced dangerous brainchild of a mad inventor in typical resist that which is new fashion. Likely this is due in part from the long sited inventor Dean Kamen who initially has pitched his new invention on government organizations rather than sports and technology enthusiasts. Blogrolled enthusiast Steve has been recently agitated by the new P-Series, which he claims should be released in July. This new model is smaller lighter and less expensive the I-series which was recently featured as an Amozon.com special. See photos and chat here at segwaychat.com
Also read this story about what really happened (be sure to fully accept or ignore the flagrant political opinion at the end.) in the overrated Segway mishap involving the president. | link to poor photos here at US news