Danger In The New Space Frontier: China?

It appears that China shot down one of it's own satellites, in an unprecedented display of power. Read the choice quotes below from the full story from Defense Tech.

"...Wynne said the shoot-down of a 1990's-era Chinese weather satellite in polar orbit has forced astronauts aboard the international space station to avoid the debris field scattered in the intercept, and he concluded that China now claims space as a legitimate battlefield...

..The test put at risk the assets of all space faring nations and posed dangers to human space flight due to the creation of an unprecedented amount of debris," the report stated. "The direct ascent ASAT system is one component of a multi-dimensional program to generate the capability to deny others access to outer space."


Huge Japanese Indoor Ocean

Follow this link to view more images to vacation getaway "Ocean Dome" featuring retractable roof and erupting volcano.

Reminds me of Westworld or Futureworld. I wonder if they have robotic sharks?

Speaking of virtual worlds go on and gander at this indoor ski resort in United Arab Emerites' "Dubai".

Spy Drones: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

While the British continue to profess their concern over an Orwellian society we on the otherside of the pond suspect denial when 20% of the world's camera's are being used to scope private citizen's at a rate of one camera per 13 persons on their island.

Wired reports that the new Microdrone released officially in April has been undergoing sucessful tests (video above). Note the German company's promo depicts the drone peering into residential windows and zooming in on female sunbathers, not exactly police business perhaps?

DefenseTech recently reported the first 'kill' by an Army drone. While I understand the military needs to woot' it's successes I am not sure if death, even of bad guys, is something to celebrate. Although the loss of life serves as a notch in the bedpost for the embattled branch as noted earlier on this blog.

The idea of an all seeing God zapping evil doers with lightning bolts may yet become life imitating art.

Good Social Networks Amplify Individuality

The power of the social network is in the individual.

Example: a network of vampires benefits the un-dead and threatens the blood supply of the living by creating conformity. But a one of those vampires having mad tap dance skills, now that's something.


Tick Tock it's the Spy Clock

ACLU "surveillance" clock at 11:54pm when it hits midnight we are in the era of Orwellian 1984 a police state where there is no privacy.

the article sites the Bush Administration's post 911 legislation and "mega-corporations that are willing to become extensions of the surveillance state" as major contributors.

What I don't see is what has to be done to protect privacy. What can be done to turn the clock back?


Whuffie Goes Mainstream?

This quote culled from Marco's tumblr:

"This week, Yahoo announced a deal with Bebo that will help it compete with Google. I had to wiki Bebo to find out it’s kind of like Friendster and Woofie. Gosh, I hope they can all band together to save Fuzzelton village from the evil Snords." Bill Maher (see video here)

Okay I will put aside that Bill Maher is not Steven Colbert, and that he is often coarse, insensitve, crude, and demeaning women. But learn to pronounce "Whuffie".