Virtual Stapler

While this "utility" has no use other than a good chuckle. It brought a good discovery: Using bookmarks you can save single pages to a folder. But how do you "staple" several related pages together? Well users of the latest Firefox can save a "tabbed" page which will appear in your bookmarks as a folder but with a "open as tabbed" selection. Thus "stapling" several pages together. Try it. It rocks.

Now I must admit while Josh and others have directed me to enjoy the power of del.icio.us
I have yet to explore this new app thouroughly. It truly does have the cleverest of names. And as it is part of the Firefox toolbar I have little excuse.

Cat Modding

Check out colored claws for your kitty. Will modding your pets be the next new craze? Likely.

The Japanese company appears to be selling a snap on product for keeping your pets claws from ruinging furniture and making a fashion statement.



When I was a kid I would walk by the old house on the way to the store and my heart rate would jump and I would walk faster even though I didn't want anyone to notice I was scared. I would sing "Joy to the World" which somehow calmed my terror of "the old house". Last night I watched the pope and the the beauty of the Cathedral, and the congregants sleeping, it seemed so disconnected from the Child in the manger and the peace that came to a 7 year old boy walking alone by an old house.