Corporate Snooping or Brand Management?

In follow up to the follow up and post below. I noticed in my traffic stats that this site had over 200 hits from a domain called Nameprotect.com. Since the searches cost for same day service and they appear to all be done in one day I estimate between $150,00 and $225,000 was spent on this service by someone. Which along with the stated client list of entities like MasterCard International, Microsoft and PepsiCo, Inc, inturn would point to a corporate entity. This is a good example of why Americans should be concerned about both privacy and copyright legislation. Why my server should be "heated up", for posting e-pinions on a non-comercial blog is beyond reason. But that is what it has come to. Corporations are trying to control speech. Not because they are "inherantly evil be nature" as some claim, but because Americans have failed to stand up and "fight for their right to party." I cannot help to wonder if I can expect a rash of cease and desist letters citing something as ubiquitous as links to corporate sites as the offense. Which is exactly the problem, people should have the ability to express ther opinions publicly without fear of "brand dogger" reprisal.

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