Rocket Propelled Swarming Micro Camera's

From Mike
Elgan at The Raw Feed:

"The single-winged device would pack a tiny two-stage rocket thruster along with telemetry, communications, navigation, imaging sensors and a power source." The tiny rocket could be blasted in clusters over war zones." full story at Sci Am

Gee wiz' I just put down Crichton's "Prey" about bio-engineered swarming micro camera's gone amuck. The article says the
Lockheed Martin Corp (Or should I say Xymos) project nano air vehicle, or NAV could be used to sense bio hazzrds as well as "organized swarms to fly low over a disaster area, the NAV sensors could detect human body heat and signs of breathing" Can you say Red Dawn?

UN Wants Whuffie to Talk to Bloggers

"The U.N. would like to pretend it doesn't understand blogging. Last night, over drinks and dinner, members of U.N. organizations asked us about blogging and internet publishing, stressing their desire to participate in the conversation, but only if it didn't waste their time. "How do we tell who is legit and who is a looney?" asked Stephane Dujarric, Deputy Communications Director, Office of the Secretary General. Pretty much all the bloggers assembled reminded him that without actually getting to know the writers in question, you really don't—just like with mainstream outlets."

Pasted from BoingBoing's new 'gadget' section

World leaders hungry for social reputation. Hmnnn.


New DVD like disc from Isreal holds 1-5 terabytes of data

See the details.

Thus hastening the "See this grain of rice it has everything I ever saw, and I got it from Bestbuy on clearance for ten bucks." syndrome.

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