The Day the Whuffie Started

TrustPlus went live today. Just as Cory Doctorow predicted in Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom. While I think there are those who cheer, and those jeer, I think I might be those who fear. Reps on the net right now are built and established independently with little interference. Remember that whuffie in DOIM was not exactly a good thing. In the book the reader is placed in a dystopian reality by the coldness of digital technology combined with sociopathic behavior and biomodification.

I might immediately note that there appears to be no middle ground or ambivalence in their 6 icon rating system. It looks like you are a small, medium, large minus or a large, medium, small plus. Thats a little draconian. I also note the video (below) uses manipulation by subtly suggesting we should be afraid of trusting the wrong folks.

This is like crack for control freaks. You know the type. The ones who insure their insurance.

Those on the good side of it will think it is great. The question I want to know is how does one get on the bad side?

via nu via mashable

Largest Multi-Touch Screen

While the interactive display is creative and posh, I am left wanting. I want to pull multi player roll games, or Google, etc. send a note down the bar. I want social interaction that annotates the physical world with the digital.

Signs of a Police State?

Elian Gonzolez, Ruby Ridge, Waco alerted many to power issues with our boys in blue. (more like the guys at the top blamed the boys doing the work. But I digress.) Most officers are civilians just like you and I and attempt to treat people as equals. There is always a few bad apples who interpret the laws in a twisted way.

This blogger is thankful for the thin blue line, who does a dirty unpopular, and sometimes thankless job in creating civil order. I enjoy the peace. Thanks guys for the hard work, you are appreciated by me.

However, this story about a women arrested for oversalting a burger raises a few questions. Maybe the officer felt that he was being targeted?

BoingX2 posts about Pheonix SWAT team home invasion that burns house down.