You been Gorb'd?

So here is the latest reputation site/social network: The Gorb. The buzz about them is that your entry is anonymous. Therefore you can post some nasty without any repercussions. At first glance I like the simplicity. I think CD's Whuffie was anonymous? The Gorb (a pun on Borg hive mind?) claim they want to help the truthyness come out. Why not just a reputation metric that is fairly reliable? Why the moral mission? They also seem to be focused on business reputation. I like the idea of rep software that is generalized. Work, family, ethics, etc. a fella can be a danger to society but do very well as a plumber. (I also like scalable-so a basic meter that you can dig down through, but that is another post.)

Tron Game

Okay, I am alway up on a cool retro game especially one that harkens back to Tron- one of the first non-digitial movies about digital environments. But the folks who did this "tribute" did they see the movie? Or are they just trying to no get bit with the copyright thing? They didn't even use the cool tron font. But if you feel like wasting some time have at it.