Dystopian Movie Trailer : Aeonflux

While Theron doesn't strike me as intellectual futurism material the plot is dystopian enough to attract my attention.

Reminding me of the poorly titled "The Island" seeemed very Logan's Runish'. However, I think it was an awsome futuristic study worth seeing and owning, a summer favorite.

Then there is Serenity: Battle Star Galactica meets Matrix meets Gunsmoke? My wife and I liked it. Pleasantly surprised, she found the slang distracting, but for me it was endearing.


Chuckles:The sensitive Carpet

Get your wierd danish koncepts here. Guys dancing on an electronic carpet to create music. Not sure why that is special as my daughter has a dance carpet we purchased from Walmart sometime ago. But the qt video is worth a peek and a smirk. (Don't ask about the suits?) Other features wierd pong games that you control with your rear-end, and disturbing bike-a-phonics.

Via humaninbox Aye'


Movie Review "Stealth"

I had really low expectations set for this flick however, Rob Cohen and on set prayers were answered as it was one of the best jet plane movies I have seen in a while. Howard Hughes wished he could have made. Top Gun meets HAL from 2001. While I tend to gravitate towards the realism, and exploration of human behavior through intense dailogue, this had none of that. Sweet effects it had plenty of. It really was a quality merging of CGI and action. One of the best explosion shots ever and a trick horror moment of a pilot dropping from the sky. Unique and cool. detractors: 1) Dont give me a Shortcircuit clone as the computer tech for the drone, i want fully G333K hacker. Not fancyful blue glowing lights, how about miles of network cable, linux dashes, and duct taped hardware? 2) Please take the time to write a script. If you cannot have class at least throw us a bone with cool one liners and ast la vista catch phrases. The CGI is truly the best yet. Seemless.