The war of information

This article from the Bostin Globe has a great point about keeping an eye on those who keep an eye on 'tings. However, I am one who hopes for a system where holding office is a temporary place of honor, integrity, and public works, not a place where you lose all privacy and live under a microscope. That said Technology has the opportunity to disrupt the balance of power held in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, especially when that government has control of information and the people do not. The proper response to camera's pointing at the private sector is to point them at the public sector as well. Hopefully those with a brain will see that the line between public and private would be forever ruined and scrap the whole notion altogether. However, until then we fight fire with fire.

UPDATE: I was recently informed that I was (among other names) "subversive". A visitor claimed this post was "rabble rousing", and frosted me with other common partisan blogs. In response let me simply state; This blog is not a forum for political discourse or opinion, while my opinions will surely color my writing, I take great pains to focus on sci-tech subject matter. Much of today's technology and science is by nature "subversive" but I have no political agenda with this site. I leave you with this:

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both. (Not my writing, but that of the 4th president of the united states James Madison.)


Happy Birthday America

Through the smoke and spin of world politics few have remembered the gift of freedom that has been represented in my home America. America is not merely geographic place, though there are many memorable visages of beauty, nor is it a book of rules, though our Constitution is precious article, and niether does it tout itself as the only way, for America is a group of people with one common idea, celebrated and despised on forign soils, that idea is the people, and the people are the idea. Let us not forget amongst our lowly banging on the drums of politics, amongst the divisive tools of partisanship, or among the toils of day to day commerce and endevour, of this great heritage purchased by those who choose to defend you, speak for you, and work for you.
This great heritage defined by freedom, and expressed in speech of all kinds, from art, to blogs, to email is enjoyed by individuals. Not according to race, sex, creed, or kind but to all who own precious citizenship. Let not national debate, decent, or apathy destroy our love, our self respect, or ideals. On this day July 4th 2003, we face a future of uncertainty, with dynamic changes in technology that increasingly both empower and alter the common man and those that govern him, let us face that future without cowerdice or fear, but with responsiblity to the generations which shall follow. Let us not move forward in division, but in the unity which has been present in all great known human acheivements.
Today I remember the great gift of our lady liberty from France whose friendship is now in question. (To whom I hold no mallice) At the entrance to freedom she still remains a symbol of hope. What a perfect symbol a gift from afar. From the indian immigrant who starts a shop to send her children to college, to the native wealthy executive who gives of his fortune to do the right thing, May God bless you America, each and every one of you. Happy Birthday.

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(Photo is student Zach Clark showing computer monitors displaying very small things from the donated BSU Atomic Force Microscope during open house.)
I went to the NanoTech seminar yesterday and will post short and long versions of my notes and a summary. I have to mention Amy Moll the Assistant Professor of the Dept. Of Engineering who I met at the "open house" that kicked off UGIM '03 Microelectronics Symposium on Sunday. She is a very creative thinker and gave us a great tour and showed us some of the research being done. BSU would be smart to take real good care of her and pay her well.

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Congratulations Roger you birthed a baby boy!

See people! This is where all this bio mania will lead us; down a slippery creepy slope. According to the BBC, scientists are postulating that soon men could cary children in an embryonic womb. Who are these scientists? Why? While transplanting a womb for a mother has obvious benefits, what could possibly be gained for a male? Aside from exit hole issues, there is a whole host of other things men are not equipped with. Would this become another selfish trend like single celebrities who adopt Taiwanese children? | Full BBC story here

Code name: Falcon

Code name: Falcon
(Falcon:Force Application and Launch from the Continental US-Isn't that Falcus?)
This DARPA program is developing space weapons that can launch from inside "Consus" (Continental US to those who aren't up on military tech speak.) The best part of the article is where they suggest that a single titanium rod dropped from space could create tremendous shock waves and penatrate 70 feet into solid rock. This would be used for deep bunker busting. | Full story here
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The Next Bomb

The 90's gave us dot.com bombs. Up next, nano bombs?

Nanotechnology is here! Or is it?

Don't Tread On Me Ware

Don't Tread On Me Ware
(I admit I am on a local tech kick but there is no particular reason.) University of Idaho students have developed a new way to prevent or severely limit hackers. The new software componant called CipherSmith soon to be engineered internally on a computer chip makes the hacker defend themselves against the potentially lethel software. The chip is also said to make it very difficult to hack into a network, requiring expensive equipment, luck, and hours and hours of coding. CipherSmith is set to debut at Technology IV in Spokane, Washington on Tuesday, a showcase for new developments.


Download A Joint and a Waffle?

Is it posible that nano and bio tech will reveal the hidden secrets of the brain, opening the door for a change in the drug trade/controlled substance world? Imagine if legalization of Marijuana became irrelavant, as digital THC algorythms were available for download on the net and played back through a pair of headphones? LSD, Cocaine, Heroine and other drugs? While this would be a detriment to healthy society, drug trafficers might be the ones hurt the most. Legislation would have to be enacted to stop such "stoner" software. Mind altering "Hardware" would have to be carefully regulated. It could happen. See this digital drug known as the Voodoo Machine.
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Calling All Nerds

Calling All Nerds
Open house at 4:00pm on Sunday at Boise State University at the engineering and technology building at 1375 University Drive. Come and learn about the components that go into MP3 players and talking Elmo dolls. This open house is the start of an international gathering of semi-conductor and micro/nano electronic researchers. 300 or so participants from 38 universities Monday through Wednesday. The three day sympsonium costs $70-$325 And claims to present next generation tech like micro-spacecraft for deep space missions and chip sized "electronic noses".
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