Virtual Stapler

While this "utility" has no use other than a good chuckle. It brought a good discovery: Using bookmarks you can save single pages to a folder. But how do you "staple" several related pages together? Well users of the latest Firefox can save a "tabbed" page which will appear in your bookmarks as a folder but with a "open as tabbed" selection. Thus "stapling" several pages together. Try it. It rocks.

Now I must admit while Josh and others have directed me to enjoy the power of del.icio.us
I have yet to explore this new app thouroughly. It truly does have the cleverest of names. And as it is part of the Firefox toolbar I have little excuse.

Cat Modding

Check out colored claws for your kitty. Will modding your pets be the next new craze? Likely.

The Japanese company appears to be selling a snap on product for keeping your pets claws from ruinging furniture and making a fashion statement.



When I was a kid I would walk by the old house on the way to the store and my heart rate would jump and I would walk faster even though I didn't want anyone to notice I was scared. I would sing "Joy to the World" which somehow calmed my terror of "the old house". Last night I watched the pope and the the beauty of the Cathedral, and the congregants sleeping, it seemed so disconnected from the Child in the manger and the peace that came to a 7 year old boy walking alone by an old house.


My recent thoughts on Whuffie

This is an excerpt from my notes:

"It appears that all the social cap' projects are arrested/mired/off topic by various complications, my superficial observation would be that they all compete and have too varried applications.

1) Simplify 2) Aggregate The most successful 'whuffie' tool appears to be MySpace.com. How could that be integrated or trans-migrated to create a simple open source Whuffie system?

Comment: It seems that most of the whuf-a-likes have failed in replicating the system represented in Doctorows 'DOIMK.

The biggest point of failure seems to be 'control'. Pure Whuffie is not controllable. It is not entirely accurate or failsafe. It is a trust metric. Not a white list of approved candidates. Which leads to the next thought: Is Pure 'DOIMK Whuffie the best model? Should it be even slightly tweaked, amended, or expanded? My gut says be pure, but be flexible. In other words, CD's 'DOIMK was spot on. An aberration of creative genius whereby fiction is not only stranger then truth, it contains the seeds therein. And allow a small margin of creative license, flexibility, ability to expand, but 'fractalize' Pure whuffie. But then who maintains that? Ad-hocracy baby. It must be somewhat acephalous."

Blogrolled TPB has new site: Doctorow or Morse?

TPB former guest blogger and prolific literary lawyer has moved his blog from Unbillable Hours to Those Dark Trees. He has some interesting thoughts about terrorists/revolutionaries like Che Guevara and the positive political image percieved by authors like boingboing's Cory Doctorow. Get the Shirt? While I choose to refrain from sharing my political thoughts here on Whuffie, as a fan of Doctorow's writing, I find this of note. (I think Che Doctorow looks more like David Morse.)


Wiki needs Whuffie

In the case of a prankster adding false accusation on Wikipedia, maybe trust verification could have saved a reputation and a joke gone wrong.


Flying Robot Alarm Clock

It tauts adrenaline as a great naturally induced drug to wake up to. Uhhh. I am scared.

(This appears to be a winning design contest entry from ena macana.)

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Virtual Hamster

Soon will all of life be experienced in a hamsterball?

E Paper Watch

While the design isn't that special, is this the signal of manufacturing acceptance of THE big shift? (E- paper think Minority Report.)

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Dystopian Movie Trailer : Aeonflux

While Theron doesn't strike me as intellectual futurism material the plot is dystopian enough to attract my attention.

Reminding me of the poorly titled "The Island" seeemed very Logan's Runish'. However, I think it was an awsome futuristic study worth seeing and owning, a summer favorite.

Then there is Serenity: Battle Star Galactica meets Matrix meets Gunsmoke? My wife and I liked it. Pleasantly surprised, she found the slang distracting, but for me it was endearing.


Chuckles:The sensitive Carpet

Get your wierd danish koncepts here. Guys dancing on an electronic carpet to create music. Not sure why that is special as my daughter has a dance carpet we purchased from Walmart sometime ago. But the qt video is worth a peek and a smirk. (Don't ask about the suits?) Other features wierd pong games that you control with your rear-end, and disturbing bike-a-phonics.

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Movie Review "Stealth"

I had really low expectations set for this flick however, Rob Cohen and on set prayers were answered as it was one of the best jet plane movies I have seen in a while. Howard Hughes wished he could have made. Top Gun meets HAL from 2001. While I tend to gravitate towards the realism, and exploration of human behavior through intense dailogue, this had none of that. Sweet effects it had plenty of. It really was a quality merging of CGI and action. One of the best explosion shots ever and a trick horror moment of a pilot dropping from the sky. Unique and cool. detractors: 1) Dont give me a Shortcircuit clone as the computer tech for the drone, i want fully G333K hacker. Not fancyful blue glowing lights, how about miles of network cable, linux dashes, and duct taped hardware? 2) Please take the time to write a script. If you cannot have class at least throw us a bone with cool one liners and ast la vista catch phrases. The CGI is truly the best yet. Seemless.



Okay, whuffie is back up. It is a mess as the server was lost with much if not all of the graphics around this time last year. So I will be rebuilding the site. I could have waited but who will ever visit in this sludgy mess of net' blogspots? I am checking through the blogroll to see what is up, some have changed direction, some seem to have lost direction, some are gone, some have been away like us, and some are still pluggin' away. For example, some higher thought emerging from Ross Mayfield with this quote from a post:

"Now, a supposed ping war may not matter. Any time a network hubs around a node where the flow is valuable, an arbitrage exists. Central power of a ping server leads to the recognition of alternative servers. If that fails, the spiders start crawling faster. "

Almost poetry.