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A Canadian author and blogger. She is a fan of the films Doctor Zhivago and Solaris and is a fan of Ray Bradbury. Her published works include "Collision With Paradise", "The Cypol", and the soon to be released "Darwin's Paradox".

Glad your out there! (take that how you want, ay?)

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Cory Doctorow in full blogging regalia. What a hipster.

Annotating the physical world with the digital.

Below cartoon from xkcd


Apple Rocks the World: Boom!

  • iPhone drops to $399 for for 8gig model.
  • 8 gig iPod Nano with video for $190 unveiled.
  • iPod 'Touch' 16 gig $399 unveiled. (Though similar to iPhone, not a phone, and slightly thinner)
  • Devices will buy music played in Starbucks via wi-fi. Boom- they are buds, to the bean.
  • iPony in every yard.
  • iChicken in every pot.
Full Story Here

Ahh.. excuse me Mr. Real Steve Jobs, could you slow it down a little? Us late adopters are still catching up with the Shuffle. Ya' like the "BOOM!" don't ya'? Okay I get it. If your products weren't so cool, I might hold it against you.

Oh, yeah, bet NBC is kicking themselves in da' butt about the failure to work with Apple iTunes. Some one asleep at the wheel over there.

Prepare for every phone company to come out with an iPhone knock off.

Transportation Roundup

Despite the ongoing skepticism, I still see a future where streams of Segway riding commuters fill the cities.

These little Aussi foot bikes look promising although it appears they are having distribution issues here in the US.

See slew of Youtube videos-here's one.

Hover dogs also look promising.

Swobo has
cool simplified bike for $499
featuring a bottle opener.
(Thanks KevinRose)

Segway Forklift Beta

This vintage image from Marco should not be missed.

Other Whuffie posts about Segway

Forced Tagging of Humans Banned

The compelling of subcutaneous implanting of an identification device won't fly with the 'Gubernator?

California now number 3 state in the union to outlaw forced tagging. Story here

via Xeni at boingx2

But you bible thumpers out there are thinking that voluntary implants are still open. Old related posts:

RFID in Ur Pub
Walmart Product Tracking (by Marcy)

also see:
rfid gaurdian project
(don't worry the tag shown cannot be scanned :)

iPhone outsells all U.S. smartphones in July

"..the speed of the iPhone’s rise to competitive dominance in its segment is unprecedented in the history of the mobile-handset market"

Just as I predicted
. (Guess it did not take a genius, but hey I got something right why not woot?)

Maybe ATnT will become a better carrier and try to match the Apple culture more closely. Or maybe Apple will just buy out their contract and sell to other carriers.

Either way, me thinks the exodus has only just begun.


Get You Fresh Genpets!

Fresh Genpets™
created by "Zygote Micro Injection".
I want to know if they are safe to eat?

from the FAQ:

Do Genpets feel pain?

Yes. However the Genpets have limited vocal chords so they will not create a large amount of noise when disturbed.


Avoid Thought Crimes

"Move along, nothing to see here."
Mind control police tape.
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