Cell Phone Monitor's Health

MyWay reports Japanese company DoCoMo Inc. is protyping a cell phone that monitors your health. The phone has a "sensor that can tell whether you're walking, running, climbing stairs, or resting, and counts the calories accordingly to tally daily totals".


Quote: Federal Witness Intimidation at Port Authority

"I felt like a character in a Philip K. Dick novel who wakes up and has had his identity completely replaced with a hardened criminal’s and everyone knows but himself."

from post about an encounter while waiting for the subway at I am Not Lying blog


Blog Silence For Liberty In Burma

George Orwell (Eric Blair) was a member of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma 80 years ago. Today the country continues to under dictorian rule. (Below China in between India and Thailand)

Despite our human failures, democracy is still desired amongst those who love freedom.

Do something with your money that matters, I did. Support the the people.

The Burmese Refugee Project.

The Halocaust

Dystopian mocumentary about the future of gaming.

via TooMuchNick


Woophy is a Social Networking photo map from the Netherlands.

Sounds like "whuffie" but stands for "World Of Photgraphy".

"The goal of Woophy's founders is to create an accessible, visual, current, democratic and collective work of art comprised of a database picturing our remarkable world."

Kinda fun to look at photos from your area.


Sony to release Ultra flatscreen

The former tech leader is looking to re-open the market with the new OLED technology 3-9MM flatscreens. The one drawback is they do not work at large screen sizes.

"My screen is flatter then yours-" "oh yeah well mine is invisible." (John Anderton.)

Deadheading: Man Wakes Up from 19 Year Coma

This video above below depicts recovering coma victim after 19 years of sleep.
Sun Article

Also read about Zolpidem (commonly known as Ambien) sleeping pill that wakes up comatose patients. Could discoveries like this open the pathway for purposeful "deadheading" or self induced comas as a legal alternative to suicide? What are the moral implications of this type of thing. Exactly the groundbreaking material Cory Doctorow broached in his book "Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom". (Of course, as I recall, in the story folks did not simply check out by self induced coma, they would download all of their memories into a hard drive and upload them into a clone of themselves- which raised the hairs of yet other moral oddities.)