Deep whuffie

Epinions surpasses Amazon in building a reputation economy for consumers. It takes the "I like this reviewer" scheme deeper by spreading your preferences to those who prefer you.

If you consistently appreciate one reviewer's advice, you can "trust" them, bringing their reviews to the tops of pages. As Epinions explains, when you trust reviewers, their reviews rise for those who trust you. Epinions calls this a "web of trust." When paired with the usual case-by-case ratings of reviews, the web of trust pulls forward excellent reviews.

You can examine my web of trust. Epinions also provides a block list visible only to the user. Viewing the web of trust, though, leads you down a trail to killer reviewers, folks who post thorough analyses.

The reputation economy translates into dollars and cents through Epinion's Eroyalties program. Eroyalties are based on other members' ratings, not on purchases based on ratings, so reviewers' goals are detail, fairness, and relevance. No one gets buttered up.

Read more on Epinions tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, visit my blog Broken Hammock.

x takes a vacation

Noted man of mystery, might, and intrigue will perusing the northwest floatsom amongst the granulated shores of the salty seas. Thus, guest bloggers will be taking the helm, donuts firmly in hand. Check out TBP of UnbilliableHours.com and Nick from Yuma, I mean from Broken Hammock who will both no doubt both shock, titillate and mystify.

I wanted to get like 15 guest bloggers, kinda of a "Guest Mob" but I did not have the time. Next time.

PS My kids and I, watched a MIG 17 do some nighttime flybys with afterburner. It was AWWSOME! Visions of Chuck Yager, Russian rocket scientists, and the whole 1950's vibe were so clear. The specs on these retro delights boggle the mind, 711 MPH!


I need a Googlizer

A computer that listens for audio cues in the office and auto Googles answers verbally or via hovering holographic image. Someone please invent this. It could be handy.
It amazes me how I have phone conversations and can refrence anything while on line via Google. But how to function whne not infront of a computer?

I guess as we wind down the year we should have the top 10 best tech of 03.