Do you smell cheese, or have a "point"?

This new free demo software tracks movements to replace your mouse. While they need to hire a new marketing company with a name like "Nouse", I like the idea, anyone with a usb cam can try it. I hate the mouse and the touchpad, and sore wrists. Maybe I will cross over...


A Small Slice of the Magic Kingdom

My daughter and I went to the Mall today and of course we both gravitated towards the Disney Store. I was completely amused as we walked through the doorway and I took note of the “castmember” who cheerily greeted us and made a point to let us know that they were running a special on swimsuits, “Buy a swimsuit and get a cute little coverup for FREE – a $19.50 value!”, she said while grinning from ear to ear. I thanked her, and we then wandered over to check out the merch. And fine merch it was. Got an adorable Princess swimsuit for my little one with of course the matching Princess coverup. The castmember left us alone while we looked and then reapproached after we’d made our selection to comment on how adorable the suit was and how adorable my daughter was and would be in it. We cruised around in that small little slice of the Magic Kingdom checking out the rest of the merch and then approached the register to pay. There was cheery castmember again, racking up Whuffie at every turn. She rang up the suit and coverup and then magically produced a Donald Duck whistle and, much to my daughter’s delight and my surprise, tossed it in the bag…another freebie. Scored some major Whuffie from my little one! As we departed, she cheerily bid us adieu and then turned to exact her magic on the next guest. It was just so comical…I thought that woman’s whuffie must be through the roof! Ha!


Tech Item

Introducing the "Pitch Solo" an interesting piece of tech' for controlling your PDA from your computer and back? I guess what confuses me is why isn't there a program in your PDA or software for your computer for this already? Another periphreal doesn't seem appealing. Made by Portsmith Review here from SorobanGeeks
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New twist on old artform

New twist on old artform
Check Berdwin's blog that is a collection of poetry submitted via palmtop, it is pretty dark disturbing poetry verging on madness, but I was mezmorized by the entirety of the idea. Is this the way of the new world minstral? Personal thought streamed in poetic form transferred realtime to the world via handheld via blog? What if Shakespear or William Blake had blogged via wireless?

Lithium Ion a dead end?

Lithium Ion a dead end?
This news from Advanced Technology talks about two different start ups chasing fuel cells for laptop computers. (Note to Tim Oren: May be a worthy stock tip if they go public.) My understanding is that the current top dog Lithium Ion has reached maximum density, and the fuel cell route promises 12-14 hours which would outgun what is available in the current market. Fuel cells for Handdhelds or Cell phones don't sound too probable though do to fuel cell size.

One piece of paper for all info

Thin stainless steel foil becomes "future paper". "Ad signs that change as you walk by", sounds like more of Phillip K. Dicks Minority Report futurescape. Credit cards that tell you your current balance?This article from UK The Mirror has more for those interested in uploading todays paper via net on a lightweight piece of paper, and then using that same paper to read a book at lunch or while on commute. You would think that enviros' would be all over this eliminating of deadtree communications.


Where is Raed ? Salim Pax is back!

Okay aside from the Heinlein quote to the right, I kept my political views off of this blog, I assume those of you who visit here want info about reputation economics and futurism, not another blogger doting on and on like they have some original spin right or left. I feel the same way about celebrities using their fame as a platform, I don't care what they think, can they act? can they sing? I even avoided wartime posts about the GI who attacked his own troops with grenades and how they should have pinged his Whuffie. That disclaimer aside, I think this is very relevant to futurism and they way democracies proliferate now on the internet, how one man can speak to so many. I followed his blog up to a week into the invasion when he got cut off, I held my breathe, praying that he would make it back. His non-partisan yet understandably cynical perspectives are refreshing in the wash of heavy handed partisan banter we find on the net. So check out Salam Pax's blog for an ad hoc view from inside the sandbox.

Also kudos to Jeremy and Judith at futurismic for keeping the dialogue open even when we disagree. And to fine centric discourse from John Schwartz in LA at his blog with this fine peace of verbiage "...finding a new voice and having the courage to selectively blend right and left and the margin in the fight for honesty." That is what I am interested in being a part of politically speaking but who cares what I think? Whew, now that that is over with, back to topic.

In follow up: It occurred to me that I mis-spoke in saying Salim Pax perspectives are "non-partisan", of course they are non-partisan. To clarify what I mean is that I hope that we do not repeat the political behavior that was exhibited here in America should there be a war again. It became impossible to understand what was happening to the people and nation of Iraq, and what we were doing with so much pro and con war opinion. Even now few are talking about what happened, everyone is trying to use information to prove their political position. "Hi I am for the war" How are you? "I am against" Salam "-I am in the war" is so much more relevant and meaningful. I hope that makes more sense, and apologize for not communicating more clearly. If you followed the war or even if you got "warred out" I think it is worth while literature to check this blog. A few choice quotes:
"..every time the bombing starts my brother starts humming Nirvana’s 'Pennyroyal Tea'..."
"..too tired, scared and burnt out to write anything.." "..this might be a good time to sell our souls to the (US) Devil"


Joy of Segs T

Joy of Segs T
Segway fan and blogger is selling unofficial joyofsegs.com t-shirts that discibe the human tranport vehicle. Someone from Segway hire this guy and give him a transport.
Available here.

Futuristic homes insulated with "Space Gel"?

Futuristic homes insulated with "Space Gel"?
Check out this new product called "Areogel" from the people who brought us squeezable catsup packets (NASA). It was initially developed to catch comet and planetary space dust but is also being used as insulation. It is silicon based and 99.8 percent empty space. It has super low thermal conductivity so much so that pictures show crayons and matches being protected from a blowtorch by the gel. Learn more here

Small Claims Court = Negative Whuffie?

This true story about dealing with an inconsiderate telemarketer illustrates how small claims court might be considered the "negative whuffie" of our cash society. Calling to telemarket at 5:24 am definately deserves a negative whuffie hit.
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