BigNews or Blog Bloat?

Who wants more browsers on thier hard drive? Not me but my favorites file is so big it takes 10 minutes to find a saved blog, and I can't keep up with my desktop cheatsheet for all my new often visited sites: Enter this new tool for blog agreggation called NewsMonstor (The 90's called and want thier dotcom name back) actaully includes reputation system and trust network and uses the term Whuffie with refrence to Doctorow the terms originator. via >BoingBoing
Here is a good critique on it with comments.


Tribute pulled and VC Whuffie

Proof that NASA and International Space Station (ISS) partners need Whuffie.
In related news I have pulled the shuttle tribute, because the music started to drive even me nuts. (Thanks da Silva!) Those who would like can still view it by mousing over the top right hand end of the Whuffie Browser (top of page) and clicking "menu".

Tim Oren's blog has some good thoughts on VC (Venture Capitol not Viet Cong you 60's throwbacks.) and trust syndication if that is your thing. But makes me propose "VC Whuffie" as a catagory. I am so often hit up by VC types who want me to put up my consulting and development skills as capitol and get paid based on the return. Fact is by the time I figure out how legit they are I have already wasted too much of my time. If only I could first "ping" thier VC Whuffie.


No BoingBoing.net? WAHHH! Must....have....Boing'.

Where's our rocket packs?

"It's the 80's, where's our rocket packs? It's the 80's, where's our rocket packs?
Go anywhere, we strap them on our backs..." Lyrics from the Vox Humana album by a wicked obscure band called Daniel Amos.
(Rest of the song lyrics here)
Check this futuristic tutorial on "How Personal Jetpacks Will Work".
Also, scope this t-shirt from the threadless.com community.
$@#%@#$% I just wrote a long linked entry and then accidentally clicked on "edit" in my blogger editor which made me lose the whole thing DRATT!. So here is the re-write:

As a follow up to my prior speel on Open Source development check out this very resourcful news about a new way of managing open source projects at InfoAnarchy.org They also get my funny quip award for this statement: "Sadly, 'Whuffie' is a painfully annoying term for anything but cute dogs with lots of hair."

This site has just made #10 on Google using the search term "Whuffie". Google, if you have not heard just aquisitioned "Blogger" the tool used to publish this site.

This long editorial on the history of internet "reputation" is the feature article at Mindjack. Author Nicholas Carroll noted among other things as a information architect opines for "the convergence of opinion" possibly using "bi-directional links" to "lift humanity to a new level of reasoning." I find it interesting that the e-literate are actually asking for the development of Whuffie.


Just invited those wanting to join the chat on future of rep. economies over at K10K.net using there spiffy user friendly bulletin board. These folks always have interesting artistic and developmental info. That I spend my spare moments mulling over. Thanks you objective creative folk! I love the interactive and open environment they have. A true "open source" feel.
Speaking of I have been meditating on the source of "open source", and it occurred to me that early examples are when Martin Luther suggested the Bible was for the masses, suddenly the priests and scholars were faced with new and inventive applications to everyday living. Music notation also facilitated others learning and embellishing. This is the very heart of new media and new business models. Even American government has it roots in the same principle. I propose the postulate that Whuffie readers should be open source. Maybe that is a given but I intend on creating a list of postulates to aid in this socialware concept.