Screens Screens Everywhere in your Glasses and in the Air

Many moons ago I blogged about a Seattle start-up that claimed it's new eye-glass monitor would replace all video monitors. The folks at Futursimic have dug up this from Scaler by way of the Pink Tentacle claiming that "in few years" they will be as ubiquitous as earbuds. Hmnnn. I predict rocket packs, eyeglass screens, and watch phones will converge simultaneously when Steve Jobs wants them to. Boom! Your teenagers flying through the air watching videos and talking to thier wrists.

Seriously though, we get it, in the future everything is a display, a processor, connected via internet. Everyman is an engineer, movie maker, journalist, and broadcaster.

New Online Trust Exposes Rotten Neighbors

I expected to hear the standard "Crack Addict" or "Domestic Violence" lables. What I read on the site seemed a little gossipy, and tell all.

Although the use of Googlemaps with pins that say things like "White Trash With Loud Dogs: Beer bottles in the yard, trash strewn about, 12 year olds smoking on the front porch. These people are ridiculous" seems interesting.

I think if I was going to purchase a home I would check the map for bad whuffie.

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Tron and Logan's Run To be Remade!

Hollywood Reporter sez Joseph Kosinski is slated to do remakes of both Tron circa 1982 and the 1976 film Logan's Run.

Readers of this blog know that I post as often as possible about one of my all time favorite sci-fi flicks and have mentioned previously that Logan's Run is a favorite too.

Now if "they" would only make a movie from Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom, I could die and go to heaven. (BTW- if your are an Orwell fan you will know the book title to be a call out to Orwell's first book Down and Out in Paris and London.) It would need to be dark- maybe David Lynch? Jules should be played by Jack Black okay maybe Edward Norton or Johnny Depp.

Let's see: Matt Damon or Ben Stiller as Tron, Clive Owen or Luke Wilson as Kevin Flinn. Jim Carey as Ram. John Travolta as Sark or maybe William Shatner or Al Gore.

Jo Ko' is a great choice. Preview the videos below (Run Runner- run!) that he produced and decide for yourself.
Saab video