Social Bookmarking

This is a brief simple tutorial explaining how to use Delicious as your social bookmarking tool. I hooked up on this awhile back, but I lost interest. 1) Even with tagging it did not seem that much better then using bookmarks. 2) I don't know that I want the world seeing what I bookmark. I don't have that much to hide, but it is like walking up to a million strangers on the street and saying here is a list of all my preferences . Many years ago I applied at a web startup that had this same concept. They were convinced that certain links were worth big money. I think Google ruined that. To me delicious is like go to the all you can eat diner and your friends telling you what they looked at on the buffet- I can do that myself. Okay, but not to say I cannot see some value in it. I think it is in how links are tagged. People creating relevancies. Watch the video if you have never quite understood how delicious works.


Frozen Smoke To Change the World

More about aerogel from Abul Tahr at Time UK.

Choice quotes:
"..insulated lining in space suits for the first manned mission to Mars, scheduled for 2018"

"one cubic centimetre of aerogel were unravelled it would fill an area the size of a football field."

Product Review: Method "Bloq"

Okay, as a designer using designer products can be intriguing especially when the talent is Karim Rashid. My wife, a big fan of deodorants, turned me onto some body wash that had natural fragrances. I like the outdoors so natural fragrances have always been a hit with me. (We won't go into my mom's foray into Dr.Bronner's) I also started using Method laundry detergent. It was small reasonably priced and I like the fragrance and modern package. (Those giant jugs are so institutional.) Then I found out about cucumber dish and hand soap and was all over that becuase I don't like perfumed oders in my kitchen when I cook. But alas they stopped carrying the olive leaf body wash and released what the call the 'bloq' Yeah it looks like 'blog' so it caught my eye. The fragrance called "beach sage" smells like eucalyptus which I love. So I ponied up- call me a metro sexual corporate consumer- I'm secure as a male and an individual. But that is where the love ends- the freakish little square does not handle well in shower, corners hurt when dropped on toes, and the design of the lid is.. well.. poor. Whilst I am ragging on the design the layout and the lettering seemed to be more about 'look' then legibility. Only read up close. The body wash itself is a thick oily cream much like toothpaste which is hard to smear around your body without most of it going down the drain. But it is quite concentrated and does lather up nicely. I do applaud Rashid and Method for breaking the mold.

"If human nature is to live in the past - to change the world is to change human nature." from Karimanifesto