Purple is the new Gold

This article concerning enviromentalism by way of capitolism.

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Lighted Cement

Weirdest thing, I had a dream about this product before I knew it existed, esp aside, this stands to change the world radically. Light emitting cement would reduce power consumption, improve esthetics, and make for really cool looking sci-fi city scapes. The question is how inexpensive is it to manufacture? Cement has steadily grown in price and insider info indicates that some distribution companies are now reducing weekly schedules do to lack of supply.

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Snack Gaming

Josh sent me this pic, showing m&ms as Go pieces. (A marketing move that still puzzles me.) Which makes me think...more games should be edible. The popularity of junkfood hound in room vending machines, while disturbing in a "erosion of society/matrix plug in the back of your head" way, makes me think about online gaming connected to one of these machines or the nearest Laundry-mat, gas station, or super market. Imagine vending machines spitting out hi-fructose caffinated "rewards" to winning gamers compliments of "insert food and beverage mega corp" here. Hmmmnn...yeah I can see it. How about you?


PVR's a comin'

This link announces another bit of convergance which may make big changes in how we live our lives. Namely tv programs can now be recorded from afar using your pda or cell phone. via pvrblog

If your not using dvr, don't be fooled to thinking it is just another way to record video. Take it from a guy who has had the same vcr for nearly 19 years and still cannot record a program off the tv with it. Soon time shifting will be the only way to watch tv. The question is how will the networks and broadcasters respond to this? Any ideas? More on this later.



This image displaying necklace from Nokia is said to be an accessory or "enhancement" for your phone. While I could see it becoming a fadish accoutrement subtly announcing ones early adaptability, it still seems 'veerd and gives me a distinct Space 1999 vibe. To each his own...or should I say phone?

Finally stole a moment to post, big life changes for x, however, some neat new direction on the horizon for this site. TTFN.