Mama's Future: Clothes that stay clean.

Forbes/Wolf "guest blogger" Steve Waite brings us up to date on the latest aquisition of the sagging textile giant Burlington Indsutries. Wilbur Ross had a bidding war with investment partners Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger and won. The post notes that while some might wonder why they would pay top dollar for a bankrupt company, the fact is they own considerable intrest in a newly patented nanotech textile. "The Game is Afoot!"

My thoughts:

• Will clothes that stay clean, severely hurt the cleaning detergent, dry cleaning and laundry and washing machine industries? What do they turn to to innovate? Door to door service? Nano-soap? How about closets that are washing machines?

• "Really small stuff "as As. Prof Amy Moll at the BSU engineering labs like to call nanothech, makes me wonder about a future filled with abundant unseen powerful technology not built by human hands and it's meaning, for my children and their children?

• What type of dangers will be looming on this horizon? Imagine a bag of nano-crap accidentally falling into the wrong hands, like and ant or wasp colony? Or how criminals will exploit the "tiny tech"? Like nano-bots that collect and store micro particles of gold jewelery from crowded trainstations and sports events.

• I do have to comment on the new-tech neoprene cotton combo business shirts I own; they are awsome. No more feeling like I am in a straight jacket. Now if they could just stay clean and email me whne they should be retired. (Guys have a hard time knowing when clothing should be replaced, our theory "When it begins to dissolve, replace." Of course that would only apply to non-metrosexuals.)

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