Ray Kurzweil: Futurist

"..we will reach the Singularity, a moment when technology is advancing so rapidly that 'strictly biological' humans will be unable to comprehend it."

I hate it when that happens, wait a minute...what?

Brian O'Keefe gives a good write up on Ray Kurzweil. Inventor of the flat bed scanner, author, and visionary futurist.


Swarming DIY Quick Response Emergency Aircraft

The Raw Feed reports that Bill Lishman has invented

a rescue tricycle story here

I like the citizenship behind the low cost solution for emergency aircraft, The invention would be far cheaper, faster and more flexible than current methods of getting helicopters to deliver supplies for disaster relief.

Futuristic Eye In The Sky Scam

My friend Dean sends me this story from the Associated Press. A couple has been convicted of bilking people for cash claiming that they can scan their bodies via satellite imaging and that government agents will repair any maladies found while you are sleeping. This is great Utopian science fiction.