Just added smartmobs.com site dedicated to a book by... Howard Rheingold, (took me awhile to figure out who the author was.), who the site claims is "one of the world's foremost authorities on the social implications of technology" ($18.00 at Amazon) He used to edit The Whole Earth catalog and lives in Mill Valley, CA if that tells you anything. (Me and my hippie mummie used to subscrbe to the catalog and also used to live in Mill Valley if that tells you anyhting more!)
This long article on social capital from Jenny Bristow at Spiked a britshish zine by way of theisociety.net who pinged my server with this thread. Thanks for visiting.

Man with serious Whuffie: Isaac Asimov. I had read several of his books and new that he was a legit scientist and theorist who was a well accomplished literary giant but read this list of his books. It's friggen' uge. It has it's own moon orbiting it!
Check this link for the latest up and coming netspeak. Jargon Scout did not have Whuffie posted on the site yet, but there were a few that were funny: like "schleptop" reffering to that laptop you schlep around with you, "Barney relationship" as in "we have no contact whatsoever but I love you and you love me.", "fasgrolia" defined as "the fast-growing language of initialisms and acronyms" which has made reading InfoWorld nearly impossible. I also enjoyed the debate about calling a sent URL "hURL" "Furl" or Emurl".

I support the idea of this site although terms like "blog","vortal" and "clicks and morter " are not exactly up and coming in my book. The search did not work, and it was not so clear if and where contributions could be added. (Although I sent Whuffie on in.) I find terminology relevant as the Orwellian concept of doublespeak has come to fruition in todays social circles and netspeak both empowers the users and punishes the ignorant. Keith diserves Whuffie for a great idea and decent execution. via netspeak site webopedia.com