Back to Medieval Times

I have always heard that the pagans claim that science will always lead us back to what they already knew. Indeed here is a case where high tech meets the dark ages.

Introducing the amazing Catapult watch!

While my first thoughts were about kids in school, I can see many an Office Space watching cubicle dwelling corporate fellow busily firing away at unknown castles and henchman.


Bio lightning rods of Walt Disney

A Giraffe was killed by an electro-magnetic surge known as lighting at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Full ABC story

Make It Bletter?

Make It Bletter?
About 7 posts down I was whining about no official digital replacement for a post card.
While I have yet to see one there is now a blog/newsletter delivered ala html form subscription style called a "bletter". The real feature is for those who publish an html newsletter and a plain text one; bletter wraps that into one time saving javascript. It has an RSS feed, but it makes me wonder if this isn't the start of a new hybrid of spam. You think people complain about Google being cluttered with blog mem now...
demo here

via John Robb


Phone help should know thier technology

In follow up to 10 Shots' post about nanospeak being marketing muscle, Dockers is now stocking stain resistant nano pants.
Nouveau parlez De France
Newspeak from France
I admit on July 4th I forgave the country of France for the whole Iraq flap after thinking about and being reinspired by their binding gift of the Statue of Liberty. Call me a hapless romantic. But those of you who said the Americans were dolts for their Freedom Fries terminolgy should know the dung flows both ways. According to this CNN report in a bout of anti American sentiment the French want to do away with the term "e-mail" and replace it with "Courriel" a hybrid of "courrier electronique".
Next they will want to change "spam" to "Pate'".
Jour de noir!
Local Tech:
Click here for a fair review of Crucial Technology's "Gizmo" 128Meg USB Flash drive (a division of Micron Semiconductor Product here in Boise, Idaho.) These things are said to replace the floppy drive as soon as consumers figure out what a USB is. While I have seen them lining the shelves at Circuit City, I have to say they are not very stylish. They all look like one of those promos you mail order hundreds of with your company logo on them. If these things are supposed to house your important info shouldn't they light up and tell you how much space is left and be housed in a cool titanium and hardwood casemod? None the less while the reviewer is hard on them for being at the upper end of the $30 to $50 dollar range for these mini portable memory sticks, I have to say very good things about Crucial. Solid service and support. I once ordered some RAM for dirt cheap from them got it overnight, and they supported it as I installed it. See if you get that with the foreign competition. (Okay I am biased.)
Disposable DVD's?
Disney's home video division is planning on marketing DVD's that expire after 12 to 48 hours. They are claiming this will serve the consumer dismay with paying late fees. Michael D. Eisner says "I think it probably won't work," and although his peers say he is just being cynical. I have to agree. The nuttiest claim is that although one would think our landfills would fill up with "nonbiodegradable polymers" they are claiming that people would use less fuel returning to the video store. Whatever.| Read the full NYT story here

Tiny Laptop?

Tiny Laptop?

John Robb is back and you should check out his take on the new Sony PDA which ships at a high $700, yet appears to be a mini laptop. This thing has the industry abuzz claiming it is one of the most innovative design and engineering feats of it's time. ( Although Jeremy of Futurismic is not so stoked. I am still jonesin' for treo600 unless I have to pay nearly $700 for one.)

Giant First Class Ski Boot

Giant First Class Ski Boot

Nippon Airways (ANA) has re-invented first class seating. The sleeper is sweet, and the Smorgasbord of tech will entertain to be sure, but the design...I just can't help but to think "ski boot". | more

Via the recently blogrolled Berkeley centric Jean Chu of "hiving" ('tis nicely done, well written in a zen sort of way.)