Somebody's Watching Me....

Well, this will freak you right out. Read this most excellent article. Big Brother not just pretending to watch you, but really watching you. I'm talking about the Pentagon's new pet project called CTS (Combat Zones That See). The cameras have always been there, scattered about every major city in the country. But, now they've developed a way to pull together all of that information from all of those existing sources into one major storehouse of data. Of course they're pushing the notion of how valuable it will be for protecting our soldiers in Bagdad. Come on now! I think a more likely use will be Homeland Spying, I mean Homeland Security. This is pretty creepy indeed.

"(CTS) is pretty creepy. And the creepiest part about it is that it's not all that sophisticated," said Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney with the privacy-rights proponent Electronic Frontier Foundation.


TeraScale SneakerNet

Pinging someone's whuffie doesn't take much bandwidth, but what about flash-baking an entire life-experience over the network?

Moving a megabyte is so easy using the internet that my cell phone can do it with tolerable efficiency. However, today megabytes crop up in droves... is the internet always quicker? (and cheaper?) What might be expected in the forseeable future? ACM Queue has an interesting conversation about large scale data storage and transfer...
The phone bill, at the rate Microsoft pays, is about $1 per gigabyte sent and about $1 per gigabyte received—about $2,000 per terabyte. It's the same hassle for me whether I send it via the Internet or an overnight package with a computer.
Quite the interesting read, for anyone interested in data management and related things.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion
(I get tons of referrers coming to this site from hauntedmansion.com)
Disney fans will be excited about the new movie based on the Disney theme park which was also used as a location in the book Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom. (Which inspired this blog for those of you who don't know.) Follow this link for a trailer. Eddie Murphy is in it and there is a definite "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" feel, which I happen to love. IMO It would not have been a good choice to make a dark horror movie like they did with the Batman movies. | Follow this link to view a video trailer.
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Speaking of Disney movies based on them park attractions, anyone seen "Pirates of Caribbean"? I enjoy that Jonny Dep. He is so brooding and bohemian. Edward Scissor hands is an all-time classic.


Death Casting

This story from CNN talks about Hindu's who cannot attend cremations, who now can watch them live over the web.
A smart death care industry fella' would be all over this, broadcasting a funeral is the next best thing to being there. Although I can sense a morbid Truman Show thang' with Grandpa's dying breath streamed live from the hospital. That would be going a little far.


Wanting ET to Phone Home

It never ceases to amaze me to learn what people are willing to spend their money on. In this case, $24.95 to send a message to 5 stars during the "Cosmic Call". The digitized broadcast that took place on Saturday was sent out from, you guessed it, "Mission Control" in Roswell, New Mexico (with the dish being place in the Ukraine). Apparently 90,000 people opted to shell out the 25 bucks to send their message - 90,000 very stupid people.