Big Brother Hangin' Out at Wal-Mart

Big Brother Hangin' Out at Wal-Mart
Apparently Wal-Mart and Gillette have teamed up to try out some products imbedded with RFID tracking. The RFID chip provides a hopped up bar code for products that contains a lot more information. They also have read/write capability so that information can be added to them.

The original article by Mary Starrett makes the case for all privacy loving shoppers to throw up their arms in protest and start emailing their Congressional Representatives.

I don't know. I pretty much think we're all being tracked and monitored anyway. Quite frankly it doesn't really bother me. So, they know I've purchase a razor - big deal. Someone could rummage through my garbage can and learn what I'm buying too.

When I shop on Amazon.com, they know what I've purchased before, what I've looked at, and offer up selections for future purchases. I like the tailored on-line shopping experience. What's the difference?

Maybe if I was engaged in some kind of freaky, clandestine shopping, I'd be a little more concerned. I just don't care. Am I just apathetic or completely naive?

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