Latent Inner Rain Man

(Blogging and breakfast don't mix. My brain is not sure which releases more dopamine: food or information...I am so conflicted.)
"humming antidepression helmets and math-enhancing ''hair dryers'' on their heads.." a quote from Lawrence Osborne's NYT article. (This is 4 pager story, not that long but I am wondering if the internet is enabling a "Kevin Costner" syndrome of longer news stories than usual.)
The article speaks of research being done on magnetising the brain which somehow creates enhanced thought processes. (You really must try sleeping in on a Sunday morning and eating Chinese food for breakfast.) Researcher Allan Snyder thinks that it may be we all have an inner 'Rain Man' in us waiting to be electromagnetically released. Wow! That could be...mind blowing? Of course there are those of us who always operate in an enhanced mode..like me. Note the artwork I posted my cat drawing without EMT, instead I substituted hot mustard. (Let's see a CAT scan of the mindnumbing, nasal passage clearing; 'horseradish rush'.)
also note this quote from:
rof. Vilayanur Ramachandran, director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California at San Diego
"We're at the same stage in brain research that biology was in the 19th century. We know almost nothing about the mind." Proving my theory, mentioned in the post below about neuroeconomics, that the interior of the mind is much more uncharted than they would like us to believe. (Thanks 'Honey for the Mongolian Beef it was so much better than the McGriddle I was dreading.)

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