The Birth of A PDA

Congratulations it's a baby Zire. 10 shot gave birth to a baby 6 oz. Palm Zire. Claims she has been doing away with dead tree snippets all day.

I gave her my resources for "educating" that little whipper snapper:

For the spiritually minded: decent free bible software at olivetree.com


Qvadis E-books library

A library of books for your handheld. (As 10shot's sister points out can be helpful while waiting for the doctor.)

250 or so titles just in the Sci-Fi section. Including HG Wells books: The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, The Island of Doctor Moreau, and the Invisible Man
and others from authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs.

These are .prc files which I assume work with any reader on Palm OS.

While it is a huge library, that even includes a rating system and search, the titles don't include the author names up front and sometimes have little or no info. But beggars shant not be choosers. This library has very open-sourcy feel as there are original works mixed in with the classics. Many of the books were tediously copied by an assortment of whuffie deserving transcriptionists.

Also check out their large list of e-book source links that includes links to the commercial fictionwise.com and the Gutenberg Opensource project:

Qvadis Internet Library of Links

Add on: For those of you who have always wanted to learn Morse code get this free tutor ware.

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