Cannon Ball Run: Clone Style

(Update on Idaho Gem Clone post)
It seems that of the five known competing cloners, no one is disputing the sucess of the Moscow, Idaho group from University of Idaho who are now awaiting their 3rd cloned "horse".
However, while the Italians have been silent as of late, the Austin Texas group from A&M U is brushing aside the accomplishments of the Idaho underdog and purporting to be the first to breed a quarter horse. Read more here
Cloners are desperate to fund their expensive habit. A bit of a bio gold rush if you will. While there of plenty of fools in a hurry to part with their dollars, I think many are still smarting from the tech industries wacking. Keep an eye on the Idaho group. We Idahoans are oft under estimated, and are a studious and disciplined group. Not only was the TV invented in Idaho, but the recent nuclear and chemical detection devices being employed publically came from here in the spud state.

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