White Man Speak with Forked Tongue

(Posting with trepidation.) While this entirely grosses me out it seems on topic, considering the extreme body mod' mentioned in Down'. (see reversable dog-leg knee joints) Also the idea that kids used to grow thier hair long as self expression and now have moved to permanant alterations like tattoos and peircing seems to be fair futuristic topic de jour.
I saw a story long ago about 'californicators implanting bolts in their skulls to attach plastic and metal mohawks but I couldn't find anything in the 'Googlinator. (I did find Metrophage By Richard Karney) I remember living in Seattle and having doctors, nurses, execs, and libriarians commenting on the novelty of the fact I had no peircings or body art. So I am guessing regional and culteral views on this will vary. Don't cut your tongue you might regret it..wait that is teenager for "DO cut your tongue..." Go ahead and do this it is your option, I hope it ages with you." Is that better? I am practicing for my kids who have not yet hit their teens. | Tongue splitting story here

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