Recreating the Magic Kindom?

Recreating the Magic Kindom?
While I am not a huge Disney fan, although much of the old school Walt magic brought good things to my life, many of the readers of the book Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom, are as well as it's author Cory Doctorow. If you are one of those fans you might want to take a peek at this story from MSNBC which speaks of the "struggling" empire, it's leaders, and it's products. They claim they are looking at creating a new image for Disney. Why not break it up into ad-hoc groups and departments that re envision everything finding special people like Walt did? Oh yeah, stock holders and board members want bottom lines, I forgot. But at least Cory's book could be art imatating real life and we could all hope for a renewal. We will see how Pirates of the Caribbean does and Haunted Mansion...with Eddie Murphy? Matrix will likely fare well with thei game based on a movie, why shouldn't Disney do well with movies based on rides?
I tossed around the idea of putting a donate link to send me to Disney World, as it was an unfulfilled childhood dream. But begging just doesn't seem right, and I am not sure if I even want to go anymore. I would rather see a child who has that passion for mystery, invention and adventure go. I think my time a has come and went.
UPDATE: "Finding Nemo" movie gets good reviews

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