bio cyborg mods

This guy claims "What we have always feared we have already become..zombies and cyborgs" an artist going by the name of STELARC has this interesting "whitpaper" on adding an extra biological ear to your head or arm but using it for digital speech and adding web capability and broadcast streaming audio. While there has always been a connection between madness and muse, I am led to question, what kind of negative impact will technology have on the mentally ill? Could it potentially enable them to turn themselves into cyborg like creatures, with a Slurpee dispenser in ther hip and a Space Invaders screen on thier chest? Would the only medical ethic standing between the head case and the bio vending machine be the almighty dollar? Could globalism bring prices down in that area too, making one stop bio surgery stations a common site in Santiago? "We replace kidneys and install bio hardrives"

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