Idaho Gem clone

Born May 4th of this year, the first mule was cloned in Moscow, Idaho. A project of the University of Idaho and the first born of three mules named "Idaho Gem". The idea has a slew of good ol boys with their panties in a bunch. While horse racers salivate at the idea of cloning the hoofprint that was a cash "cow", breeders claim this will make horse breeding and racing purely a rich man's game. Horse breeders also claim that cloning will produce poor breeds. The team of cloners well ahead of the pack, estimates 7 other teams internationally are working towards equine cloning. Budget cuts are forcing them to be creative in funding the continuing project. The U of I team claims they took 200 hundred fertilizations to produce 7 foals, in comparison to the nearly 300 that produced "Dolly" the sheep".| Local coverage | complete Dept. of Ag story in PDF

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