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Josh's post about cloning endangered species led me to consider bio "activism" and the new onslought of genomic political posturing and information we the public will consume. I also was reminded of a story that ran awhile back that had a lot of shock value but seemed to garner no reaction from a bored and conditioned(?) public:
"Spider Silk from Goats" in which spider-dragline filament, from which arachnids spin their webs and is one of the strongest materials in the world-many times stronger than steel who's primary use would be bulletproof vests is harvested from a herd of New Zealand miniature goats that have a silk-producing gene added to their genom.

Doesn't the fact that one gram-approximately a teaspoon of silk-can be stretched to almost three miles coming from a gnetically altered herd of goats concern anyone else but me? After watching my two year old literally scream during a family viewing of "Eight Legged Freaks" (my new cult favorite) I am convinced that bio nerds paling with millitary types could be a troubling playground friendship for us fragile flesh and bone type mammals. Oh, I know how they will assure you that this under the strictest of contolled enviroments, and that my fears are only a product of my ignorance of genetic science, but what if there is a mistake! It is not like the scientific, medical, and millitary communities have a spotless record free of mishaps and misgivings.

"Gee, kids what a nice day at the petting zoo..", "Why does that goat have Nexia Labs tatooed on it's butt?...", "Wait a minute why does that goat have fangs and just climbed up a wall and jumped 30 feet! Why is he wrapping that toddler in silk and hanging her on the barn rafters?!"

Welome to the genomic era. Okay while I am aware that science can mean good things for us bi-ambular hominids, what is troubling me is the mild burp and yawn that the general public has contibuted in response. But not me I am ranting on my blog to my 1000 a day plus visitors. (okay so you are burping and yawning too.)

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