Whuffie Architecture

Nice blog from a legal eagle at UnBillableHours.com. In some of his prior posts he talks about Whuffie for lawyers and judges. And today gives a cool review of the classic film Lost Horizon. Also this link to a New York Times article on the need for a website for whuffie.
"What do you think? Would a Web site that rated individuals be a flagrant violation of privacy, or a useful database to make the world a better place?"
All accredited professions would have a Whuffie category including judges and lawyers. I have already pretty much decided that If someone give you negative whuffie it auto deducts points from your total WUPM (Whuffie Points Per Million) A negative Whuffie report can only equal one. So a few false reports or even debatable ones would mean nothing. And serious crime, project failure, divorce, or children charged with a crime would be a larger set amount of WUPM loss. You would have to create controls from vengeant cussed despots who would simply file a stream of false negative whuffie reports. (If you got caught filing a flagrantly false negative whuffie report, it would deduct major WUPM from the offender.) The more I ponder Whuffie though, I am thinking there would have to be a committee or jury who would investigate and rule on whuffie disputes, as well as whuffie cops bustin' underground coder labs manufacturing false whuffie information software, spammers sending email that threatens to dink your whuffie if you don't buy their product or fill out their identitheft forms, and card shark dot-conmen manipulating whuffie fraudulently. This troubles me as implementation and operability are important benchmarks of a credible system. (I am sure, well paid groups of e-telectuals from the likes of Opencola and Paypal/Ebay have studied these issues at much more length then I, however, I like to think that my objectivity gives me a valuable perspective. Likely I am just self involved.)

This broken link repaired from a previous post:
Man with serious Whuffie: Isaac Asimov. I had read several of his books and new that he was a legit scientist and theorist who was a well accomplished literary giant but read this list of his books. It's friggen' uge. It has it's own moon orbiting it!

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