"Here in lies the rub"

"Whuffie is how much esteem people hold you in. And currency is a really rough approximation of Whuffie, because ideally you'd want idiosyncratic currency. So in other words I want to know that when you buy something from me, or you and I exchange some service for goods, or favors, or what have you, that your currency trades highly in my personal market because the people that I have a lot of respect for respect you very highly. Or don't."

(Hmmnn..ya' think he's sick of explaining Whuffie to people yet?)

"Damon Knight, who was one of my teachers at the Clarion Workshop, who is really one of the fathers of our genre, he founded the Science Fiction Writers of America, wrote the canonical Twilight Zone episodes, just a fantastic writer, I brought a stack of his books for him to sign when I went to the workshop where he taught. And on like three of them, he crossed the terrible titles out and wrote in the title that he preferred."

(I am a huge fan of old Twilight Zones: Like the one where the lady is being chased by a mini spaceman with a kitchen knife.)

Quotes from raw interview with Cory Doctorow by Dylan.

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