Mr.Oren picks up track back

Mr. Oren picks up track back from this site and comments his lack of confidence in reputation "currency". Although his point is well taken I think he needs to do more due-dilligence and read Cory's book. It appears that he doesn't think whuffie could be considered viable currency. Of course he uses accountant speak like "fungible". So I have to question his trust. (joke) I guess shared whuffie would be co-mingling funds. Also, would the IRS require whuffie earnings statements?
What he misses in all the whuffie banter is that "Down and Out In the Magic Kindom" is set in a time with a cashless society-leaving whuffie as the only form of social capitol. I do agree that right now social trust is no more a literal currency then marketing or advertising, they produce currency bu they are not the currency themselves. Especially when you cannot transfer your aquired good Ebay comments to another user. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be done.

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