Dean Kamen and his amazing Segway

Buy one today for 5 grand at Amazon This is the follow up to an earlier archived post "It's the 80's so where is our rocket packs?". BoingX2' had this post about this Jetson's scooter being sold to the 'FedGuv for the military. Watch out Saddam we got space scooters! (Said in a Dana Carvey doing George Bush Senior voice.)

The Segway has been met with mixed reviews. Some think it will be a flop. I think differently for a few reasons, it has the potential to drasticly impact automobile clogged urban areas, it can go indoors as well as out meaning more mobility for the handicapped and elderly, and it really is an amazing innovation. Be sure and view the video [Slow pipe | Fat Pipe] to better understand it's potential. I also know that many cities have penned major legislation for integrating Segways. So get used to them. I think that because they are almost comicly ugly like a mixture of a lawn tool and a lawn mower Segways induce negative response. Also, the marketing is angled towards the sophisticated and the english butler name sounds upity (Correction: pr: like "segue" thanks Mike Hartley). When they come out with shiny chrome and hot colors, rename them to Pavement Rockets, and show Tony Hawk grinding one along a stair rail and catching big air, then they will catch on. Maybe even dangle them with some beads and a latchook bag for the Granola set.

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