Apple Rocks the World: Boom!

  • iPhone drops to $399 for for 8gig model.
  • 8 gig iPod Nano with video for $190 unveiled.
  • iPod 'Touch' 16 gig $399 unveiled. (Though similar to iPhone, not a phone, and slightly thinner)
  • Devices will buy music played in Starbucks via wi-fi. Boom- they are buds, to the bean.
  • iPony in every yard.
  • iChicken in every pot.
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Ahh.. excuse me Mr. Real Steve Jobs, could you slow it down a little? Us late adopters are still catching up with the Shuffle. Ya' like the "BOOM!" don't ya'? Okay I get it. If your products weren't so cool, I might hold it against you.

Oh, yeah, bet NBC is kicking themselves in da' butt about the failure to work with Apple iTunes. Some one asleep at the wheel over there.

Prepare for every phone company to come out with an iPhone knock off.

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