Introducing Nina Munteanu

A Canadian author and blogger. She is a fan of the films Doctor Zhivago and Solaris and is a fan of Ray Bradbury. Her published works include "Collision With Paradise", "The Cypol", and the soon to be released "Darwin's Paradox".

Glad your out there! (take that how you want, ay?)

Her Blog thealiennextdoor
and her website


sfgirl said...

WOW! I just popped over and there I am. Thanks for the intro, Whuffie! Great to be here!

x said...

Glad to have you. Glad to hear you are a fan of Mr.Doctorow as well. I liked your comic strip. I am not a huge Clooney fan, but I thought he did splendid in Solaris. I am trying to think where does one buy a red cape? What quality and price points are to be considered? Do they have any cape outlets in Canada?