$@#%@#$% I just wrote a long linked entry and then accidentally clicked on "edit" in my blogger editor which made me lose the whole thing DRATT!. So here is the re-write:

As a follow up to my prior speel on Open Source development check out this very resourcful news about a new way of managing open source projects at InfoAnarchy.org They also get my funny quip award for this statement: "Sadly, 'Whuffie' is a painfully annoying term for anything but cute dogs with lots of hair."

This site has just made #10 on Google using the search term "Whuffie". Google, if you have not heard just aquisitioned "Blogger" the tool used to publish this site.

This long editorial on the history of internet "reputation" is the feature article at Mindjack. Author Nicholas Carroll noted among other things as a information architect opines for "the convergence of opinion" possibly using "bi-directional links" to "lift humanity to a new level of reasoning." I find it interesting that the e-literate are actually asking for the development of Whuffie.

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