Tribute pulled and VC Whuffie

Proof that NASA and International Space Station (ISS) partners need Whuffie.
In related news I have pulled the shuttle tribute, because the music started to drive even me nuts. (Thanks da Silva!) Those who would like can still view it by mousing over the top right hand end of the Whuffie Browser (top of page) and clicking "menu".

Tim Oren's blog has some good thoughts on VC (Venture Capitol not Viet Cong you 60's throwbacks.) and trust syndication if that is your thing. But makes me propose "VC Whuffie" as a catagory. I am so often hit up by VC types who want me to put up my consulting and development skills as capitol and get paid based on the return. Fact is by the time I figure out how legit they are I have already wasted too much of my time. If only I could first "ping" thier VC Whuffie.

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