Just invited those wanting to join the chat on future of rep. economies over at K10K.net using there spiffy user friendly bulletin board. These folks always have interesting artistic and developmental info. That I spend my spare moments mulling over. Thanks you objective creative folk! I love the interactive and open environment they have. A true "open source" feel.
Speaking of I have been meditating on the source of "open source", and it occurred to me that early examples are when Martin Luther suggested the Bible was for the masses, suddenly the priests and scholars were faced with new and inventive applications to everyday living. Music notation also facilitated others learning and embellishing. This is the very heart of new media and new business models. Even American government has it roots in the same principle. I propose the postulate that Whuffie readers should be open source. Maybe that is a given but I intend on creating a list of postulates to aid in this socialware concept.

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