Sony's Video Glasses

Several years ago I had read with excitement an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer about a Washington company who was in the process of mass producing eyeglasses that were a video headset. They claimed they would be on the market in no time, at $120 a piece and promised they would replace the standard tv monitor. Of course you can imagine my surprise when years later nothing seemed to materialize. I did a CD rom project for a national virtual reality company selling software to the educational community, and they seemed fine with mounting these giant orange on a toothpick headsets on unsuspecting school children. Alas enter the Sony GlassTron. Which I can only guess was an aquistion of the company mentioned in the newspaper. While the glasses appears to be a flop in that they are not very functional for $500, the subsequent upgrades may take on yet. I think the name has got to go. It makes me think spotless dishes. A good name should be HedTech, Eye-TV, E-shades or ViewCog or something. | Full review Here
Via the newly bloggrolled Ole Eichhorn's Critical Section

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