Ole Eichhorn newly Blogrolled

You may want to visit Critical Section a blog scored from our vacationing and advertising it friend Tim Oren over at DueDiligence.
A self proclaimed Theist/Darwinist, Ole's writing is good and his subjects are many of the same you will see around here, (although he is much smarter and an acomplished developer.) The downside is the layout of his blog is hard to follow as there are only occasional post headings, and no comments. Since he crams so many ideas into one post it would be hard to use the permalinks. Not to mention light green on light blue creates inviso links on my laptop.

Minor design flaws aside, Critical Section has some great links like PVRBlog for those of you who have been following PVR's (Tivo) and up to date news like this link to former MP3.com owner's new venture Lindows who are selling complete computers now at $169. (Sans monitor)

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