Retro Futurism

Try this great index of random retro futuristic items.
One, might think that my attraction to futurism, makes me utopian or socialistic. Untrue, I just think too much of our future is shaped by a minority who thinks about the future, when it should by a topic forged by the majority. True futurism as embraced by greats like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckmisnter Fuller, our forefathers in this country (And many others abroad) seeks to make the hardships of life better for some, and provide hope for many, through science, ingenuity, hard work, and ideas. For example Ev Williams inventor of Blogger should be heralded for producing a technology that is truly empowering: sites like this one or this one show that a small voice can reach the world, with a simple technology applied.

What makes an individual truly unique is not one's wealth, strength, ideas, or other noble qualities, it is one's birthday-the time that one lives in. We live in truly dynamic times, though many are content to bumble through, the events of the war, no matter what side you are on, speak starkly of the power of technology, ideas, and individualism. The new era we are in is now punctuated by Monday April 14, 2003 the complete mapping of the human genome. The future is you.

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