Identity Explodes
"Dragging all human behavior into the public is literally totalitarian," said Bob Blakely, chief security and privacy scientist for IBM's Tivoli Systems.."

This pulled from Cnet perspective by Michael Kanellos, reaffirms my notion that a Whuffie system though considerably intrusive is nothing compared to future identity systems created in the name of "security":

puckering points:
• supercomputers reconstructing your entire life in minutes
• "mind reading" video cams that know your facial expressions and body language
• data mining randomizers that remove identifiers for studying trends. (Sure they will.)

I remember one time spending three months trying to clear my name of a state hopping namesake who did not pay his phone bills, it was frightening, I could not prove I was me and he was not. It was my SSN#, that finnaly saved the day. The item we must be deadly serious about is protecting ownership of our identities. A nation, organization, or people group who directly or indirectly obtained extensive ID info would seriously compromise democracy, liberty, and individuality. Our govedrnment must first protect our ID's from foreign and domestic powers, and then we must charter constitutional amendments that re-establish the balance of power in identity rights.

A good read.

Be careful of those who claim Ashcroft is the author of America's Orwellian nightmare, much like the bizzare clone cult, extreme attract's attention while truly subversive deeds are done. | other privacy/identity news

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