More on "NetMood"-
Although the website is not too indepth or explanatory, It is pretty easy to install netmoods. (Althugh there was something jiggy with the code provided) I am not nuts about the size or the graphics, but once I saw the stock ticker actaully included my domain with a fluctuating tabulation I was tickeled by this free product. In the immediate I wish they would allow you to download the source .fla code so I could customize the look to my page, I also wish it was smaller.
The ticker made me think: with reputation economics one could actaully "invest" in stocks. Meaning you could invest portions of you own Whuffie on someone else, and as their Whuffie rose so would your "profits". Oooh, that's cool. (note I added the ticker to the right) Keep boostin' my Whuffie baby.

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