Minority Report

If you enjoyed the psuedo realscape of Doctorow's latest book Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom but were put off by the ill fated Spielburg/Kubrick movie "AI", make sure you do not miss the Spielburg movie based on the novel by Phillip K. Dick "Minority Report", this somewhat unsung film is great sci-fi adventure. Possibly ingored for it's politically incorrect values of individuality and spotlighting the weekness of socialist controls. The well crafted plotline follows Tom Cruise as the lead cop for a new division called "Pre-Crime" that uses telepaths to arrest murderers before they kill. As the head of a such a socially favored task force has some serious Whuffie, but it soon depletes to the big nada as he is suspected of an eventual murder. I enjoyed the part about new prison reform for all murderers who go into a whuffie-less state of suspended animation. In the film cereal boxes, buildings, newspapers and mall hallways are moving pictures which according to a recently published article in PCUser magagazine is based on an soon to be realized technology that used OLED. My favorite movie of 2002.
More on OLED.

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