New Online Trust Exposes Rotten Neighbors

I expected to hear the standard "Crack Addict" or "Domestic Violence" lables. What I read on the site seemed a little gossipy, and tell all.

Although the use of Googlemaps with pins that say things like "White Trash With Loud Dogs: Beer bottles in the yard, trash strewn about, 12 year olds smoking on the front porch. These people are ridiculous" seems interesting.

I think if I was going to purchase a home I would check the map for bad whuffie.

via therawfeed


Dan Quayle said...

Someone ought to report these two neighbors!

x said...

Thanks Mr.Q. Just the type of spiraling, out of control, meaningless event one would use rottenneighbors.com to avoid. I like how a small child breaks up the violence with her scooter. (BTW- I loved your book.)