Spaceship Repair Man

Tom Jones for Pop Mech talks of resident astronauts who are called on to repair the ailing Hubble. (no not that Tom Jones). I begin to wonder when we will demystify the role of "astronaut" which used to be a group of near super human national selections to Space Repairman and Space Janitor. Kind of a mix of engineer/technician and crab fisherman as the industry grows.


dhyana said...

Uncanny you should wonder that now. Fred Kluth conceptualized this a year ago: check out www.spacerepairman.com

"Because the Universe needs repairing"...I think you and Mr.Kluth are onto something :-)

x said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments Dhyana. You will note that often my uptake is a little slow. I liked "Ring Around Your Planet".